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Fleurs de Verre is a unique concept in botanical art that makes a stunning impression in home, commercial or corporate environments.

Exclusively featuring Evelyn’s award-winning botanical paintings, Fleurs de Verre takes her work into a new dimension by creating beautiful large-scale images of flowers and plants on crystal-clear acrylic panels that almost literally jump off the wall. Works of art in their own right, Fleurs de Verre panels make bold statements as part of integrated interior, exterior or garden design schemes. Using a highly-specialised process, images electronically captured from Evelyn’s original watercolour paintings are enlarged yet faithfully reproduced in the finest detail on high-quality 5mm cast acrylic panels with flame-polished edges that make them almost indistinguishable from plate glass. Mounted to any vertical surface using 25mm brushed aluminium or chrome-plated spacers, the panel’s clear transparent background and the space between it and the wall give the image of the flower or plant a vibrant three-dimensional feel.

Fleurs de Verre panels are individually made to order, so you can specify the exact dimensions to suit your interior décor or garden design scheme, and your choice of botanical subject. Where space permits, the panels look particularly impressive when a number are mounted together in sets. However, the same effect can also be created using small size panels, such as might be used in bathrooms. Single panels can also be very effective. For example,a long vertical panel is ideal for mounting on the usually tall narrow stairwell wall that faces you as you descend a staircase. Panels can be ordered at any size up to a maximum longest dimension of 3 metres.

Choice of botanical image depends on whether you select from the growing Fleurs de Verre range of available pictures, or commission a painting of your particular choice. Click here to see the current range of available Fleurs de Verre images with example sizes and prices. However, each Fleurs de Verre panel is quoted and made individually to your required exact dimensions. If you can't see exactly what you want, please contact us. Depending on the flower, plant, vegetable or fruit you have in mind, it may be possible for a new original picture of your subject to be painted and added to the available Fleurs de Verre image library for subsequent further use. Absolute exclusivity of your Fleurs de Verre acrylic panel can, of course, be ensured by also purchasing the original watercolour painting from which your panel is made.

Other important factors in the choice and siting of Fleurs de Verre acrylic panels include lighting and background colour. Whilst harsh direct spotlighting should be avoided to minimise excessive reflection, adequate ambient or diffused artificial light is essential to appreciate the full beauty of the images. The colour of the wall or surface on which the panel is to be mounted should also be chosen to complement the subject on the panel. However, this need not necessarily be a very pale or light shade to be effective. The pictures work well on a range of background colours from whites to mid-tones such as taupe, drab or greys. We will be happy to advise if you are unsure.

To discuss Fleurs de Verre acrylic panels, please contact Evelyn.




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